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hello 5 coffee latte

Coffee & Tea, Foods

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Máy pha cà phê Hello 5

Dispensing Equipment

Toàn bộ hệ thống quán của Hello 5 điều sử dụng công cụ pha chế bằng máy Italia

Roasted beans price

We are supply all roasted beans click here...

Hello 5 Coffee Roasting

Công nghệ Rang

Hello 5 selects only finest beans Vietnam has to offer. Our beans are then roasted by using tecnique exclusive

http://hello5.vn/images/stories/demo/hello%205%20coffee.pngThere was a man who always endeavored to find meaning of life. He crossed the desserts, went through the ocean and walked down boulevards but still couldn’t find out. One day, he fatiguedly wandered through small streets. Suddenly, all of his senses were prodded by a very special fragrance. He quickly walked to the store. A waiter brought him a steaming hot brown drink. Take a sip, a deep bitter taste with residual sweetness  promptly revived the pedestrian’s countenance.

That special flavor drink is Hello5 coffee.

Vì sao tiêu thụ cà phê nội địa Việt Nam thấp?

Cà phê Hello 5 được người Nhật tin dùng

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Address: 12th Floor, Vimedimex Building, 246 Cong Quynh St., Dist. 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

Tel: [+84 8] 39255715   -   [+84 8] 39255815      Fax: [+84 8] 39255726

Website: www.hello5.vn                 Email: sales@hello5.vn

Relax, It's Just Coffee

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