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Hello 5 Giftset Organic – Vietnamese Premium Coffee

Hello 5 Giftset Organic – Vietnamese Premium Coffee


Là món quà ý nghĩa để tặng người thân và bạn bè, bộ đôi Giftset Organic và Deluxe là kết tinh của sự hoàn hảo, sự tinh tế trong thiết kế bao bì, sự hài hòa của các yếu tố phong thủy và trên hết là tấm lòng của bạn muốn gửi đến những người thân yêu một món quà thật ý nghĩa. Hãy để Hello 5 thay bạn bày tỏ tấm lòng thành thông qua bộ đôi Giftset Xanh và Đỏ

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Hello5 Organic 250 grams (8.8 oz) Ground Coffee GiftSet
As well as being the perfect gift for coffee lovers everywhere, this well packaged and beautifully presented Hello5 Organic Coffee and Traditional Vietnamese Filter Gift Set will delight anyone who receives it.

With 250g (8.8 oz) of the finest Vietnamese ground coffee and a quality reusable traditional filter, called a phin, the perfect cup of Vietnamese coffee can be enjoyed anywhere.

Giftset Organic

Grown in the rich red soil of the famous basaltic region of Vietnam’s Central Highlands, Hello5 Organic Arabica and Culi Buon Me Thuot coffee beans are picked when they are at the peak of perfection, then carefully selected to complement perfectly the traditional Vietnamese methods of processing, roasting and grinding.
With its deep, rich chocolaty aroma, Hello5 Organic is one of Hello5’s most popular ranges of coffee, and has become much enjoyed by coffee lovers the world over.
The distinctive, sweet-smelling bouquet of Hello5 Organic is best matched with people born under a Wood sign, who tend to be patient, loyal, generous and compassionate.
Enjoy massive discounts when ordering multi packs – great for sharing with friends and family!



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